I am the Professor Doctor Surgeon Izaak Nazaretha Trinity Faraday-Alvaréz, who is very passionate and very disciplined in protecting my own ethics, when it comes to Clinical Medicine. The good I have learned, during the times of stress, has the ability to rescuscitate, the spirit of a lost and wondering one. We all have that moment in life, where coming to terms with information, is everything but normal. This is your challenge, to find you and trust that wherever you read something about me, it may or may not impulse you to do something, if a fan of my community. The sites I use, were designed by people who cared about success and how you read, what you read, when you read it, why you read and how you process the words, is really, your responsibility.
That means, finding it in you to trust that you are not here for nothing, might wake you up, move your heart or get you to finally be you.

-Name: Kasandra Hilden Wiechert – Cassandra Hilda Wiechert
Nationality – Place of Birth: Windhoek/Windhuk – Namibia
Professor Doctor Surgeon of Clinical Medicine & Psychology, Biomolecular Genetics and Surgery Izaak Nazaretha Trinity Faraday
Soutmanstraat 1a – 2021 ZD Haarlem – Noord-Holland
Clinical Medicine – Elite Level Stanford/Harvard/
Oxford/Cambridge/University of Trier/ University of Glasgow – The Atkns & Aldrigde/ Goodrich and Pearsons
Edingburgh University – Hall & Michaels Archive
University of Cape Town – Archive C.Barnaard – Berkely Abbreviate – Cardio-Neurocardiothoracic Surgery
Oxford University A Paris Nord – Charles de Gaulleaux – Cardiothoracics
University of Marburg-St. Mary’s
University of Witwaterstrand
University of Pretoria
Brown University
Yale – 2 Credit Full Degreed Law Elite Level Education Cum Laudae
-British Columbia University – Biogenetic Technology
-Royal College of Surgery
-Royal College of Physics
-Royal College of Technology
-Royal College of Chemistry
John Hopkins – Cardiology
Professor of Genetics
Professor of Molecular Genetics
Professor of Genetic Chemistry
Doctorate of Clinical Medicine
Graduate of Clinical Medicine
Acculumni Laudatum Veritas
Acai – E-Additives and E-Mol-Methane Expert
Consultant in Biopsychology
Consultant in Clinical Medical Psychology
Consultant in Children’s Health – Surgery – Post-Operative Complications and Psychiatry

Psychiatrist – 12 distinctions worthy and accredited:
-Male Psychiatry
-Female Psychiatry
-Transgender Male Psychiatry
-Transgender Female Psychiatry
-Neuropsychology – First Grade Psychiatry
-Neuropsychiatry – First Grade Psychiatry
-Neurophysiology – First Grade Psychiatry
-Neuroparanoidic Neurology – First Grade Psychiatry
-Neurological Technology and Parapsychological Development Psychiatry
-Biogenetic Psychiatry
-Biomolecular Chemistry Psychiatry
-Biomolecular Genetics in Psychiatry

Clinical Medical Geneticist
-Clinical Medical Conchology – Zoology
-Blood Health
-Organ Health
-Female Reproductive Health
-Male Reproductive Health
-The Morphology Health
-Transgender Morphology -I-II-III

WHO-Ambassador Children’s Health Preteen to Teen Pregnancy
UN-United Health – Combassador Ambassador

Human Rights Activism
Children’s Rights Activism
Water Health Organisation Activism
World Health Organisation Activism
Animal Rights Acitvism
Plant Health Activism
Animal Cruelty – RSPCA
GP General Physiancy
GGP General Gynaecological Physiancy
GUP General Urological Physiancy
Social Plotting Schemes
Insurance Marriage Purposes
Illegal ID Detection
Tracking of Id Persons
Double Lives
Double Standards
Double Morals
Double Gaming
Mind Gaming